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To Setup Domain Redirects:

Step 1:  
Log into cPanel.

Step 2:  Click on the “Redirects” icon located in the Domain section of cPanel.

Step 3:  This will open a screen where you can select this redirect to be temporary or permanent.

Temporary redirects (as the name suggests) are not permanent redirects, which means that the page is sending status code 302 to the browser. The 302 code tells the browser not to save this redirect into its cached data. This is the recommended type of redirect unless you are absolutely sure that you will never change it in the future.

Permanent redirects have a status code of 301 and unlike the temporary ones, are cached in the browser memory. 301 redirects are permanent. They mean that the page has moved and they request any search engine or user agent coming to the page to update the URL in their database.

Step 4: Then enter the URL you want to redirect

Step 5: Then enter the destination URL where you want the visitors to be redirected to.

Step 6: When you complete the above field click Done.

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